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When I opened my private practice in 2015, what I didn't anticipate was that I would be caring for more and more physicians and medical providers who were looking for a safe place to be vulnerable, heard, and cared for. With private medical records, and a clinic built on the utmost of privacy and consideration, I am honored to be a trusted physicians physician. That being said,  we are notoriously a group who care for others, at the cost of our own self-care and mental health. Physician suicide rates are double that of the general population.  We sometimes don't know the difference between "work stress", and clinical depression. We can't always differentiate between being pissed off and burned out. The lines are blurred because it is rare that our medical education addressed our self-care in preparation for our professional journey.  

I encountered a professional crossroad in 2013-2014. I had a sense of dread every day going into work. It wasn't the patients I was dreading. Actually at first I couldn't put my finger on it. Just dread. In hindsight, it was the process  that I was dreading.  It doesn't have to be many jabs at your autonomy and professional dignity to lead to burn out.

I think its the persistent jabbing that doesn't go away that tips physicians over.  Jabs come in many forms, legal, personal, financial, professional- I don't need to detail them for you, because you already know most of them- click here to see  an ever evolving conceptual model of factors that affect physician well-being.

My journey entailed doing a self-inventory of who my authentic physician-self was/is. With introspection, self care, compassion, family, friend, and patient support I was led to start Shaya Precision Health.  My clinic  aligned more with my professional goals, personal needs and wants, as well as my creative personality (if not somewhat tenacious perhaps?). I am more protective of my time with my family, protective of my staff, and have much clearer boundaries. Opening your own practice isn't necessarily a solution. it just happened to be my solution at the time. 

I am a physicians advocate. This page is for you, my patients, my colleagues, and friends, to find resources, support and hope. If you need an appointment, please schedule in person with me, or virtually. If you don't see a spot that works for you, just email us at and we can work it out. 

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I find Twitter shows a more authentic physician voice than any other social platform. If you haven't visited your account recently, do it! Unfollow anything that doesn't align with your mental health right now.

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  • What about your mammogram, pap smear, preventative lab work, colonoscopy, PSA? supplement strategy?
  • Don't forget to take care of you. Happy to help, or maybe use this as motivation to put you first and go see your doctor. 


Write a medical humanities op- ed for Doximity

UPenn Positive Intervention Study

Can you increase your own well-being through a simple activity? This research study, conducted by Dr. Margaret L. Kern at the University of Pennsylvania, will help you find out

  • Not physician specific, but good info on positive psychology
  • Make an account with them, and have access to many questionnaires


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