Modern integrative, functional, translational primary care, consultation, and virtual visits

A physicians physician and diagnostician with excellent critical thinking skills, I am known as a caring and compassionate physician who thinks outside the box with creative solutions to health problems.  What fulfills me most is working with empowered patients who are looking for a relationship with their doctor rather than a transaction.  I  practice the full breadth of family medicine, and see patients for a variety of issues, from simple to complex. 


Click on this  icon to connect virtually with Dr. Shaya. Please only login at the time of your appt. 


We see simple and complex patients from all ages and walks of life, managing a range of medical conditions. Click here for that list. 

We work with you on a health plan pulling from evidence from mainstream and alternative resources. 

We also see patients seeking second opinions . 

My philosophy is  "we immediately become more effective when we decide to change ourselves rather than asking things to change for us".


My primary focus is on preventative care integrating a multifaceted approach to wellness through balancing hormones, optimizing genetics, nutrition, and blending traditional medical training with alternative functional and integrative solutions. I like to get to the root cause of disease and illness, helping you live your best healthiest life. 


I have coined the phrase "translational primary care" which describes the process of translating current clinical evidence into the primary care practice. Practicing this way keeps me current, evidence based, relevant and effective. 


My scope of practice is varied, and I enjoy procedures as well as "cognitive" challenges. I am often a last resort for many patients who have seen numerous other doctors without getting any answers.For a full scope of what I do, click here. Virtual medicine has extended the reach of my practice to an international audience. 


It is a concept term to describe a medical business model where physicians are contracting with their patients directly rather than through insurance companies. This means we do not accept insurance, however we do provide you with the forms to submit for possible reimbursement. 

It is a continuum with old fashioned medicine on one end (us) and full service concierge medicine on the other end (not us). We are NOT a concierge practice. There are no fees attached to being our patient other than the office visit. 

We are a small agile practice capable of  making improvements and adjustments  based on your suggestions. Speak up!


We are a relational practice, we want to get to know you rather than just be a healthcare transaction.

We are shaking up the status quo of how healthcare is experienced, and you, as our patient, are a participant in the shake up. We like it that way.

Online portal for secure communication and medical record access.

Lab results are posted on portal in real time prior to review by physician-ample time to review before appointment.

If we don't get it right the first time, we will listen and keep trying until we do.

You will leave with a written plan. 

This clinic was built based on patient suggestions and recommendations. We adjust as you suggest.

For the same fee as a quick clinic you can see a doctor rather than a nurse practitioner.

Complex visits given the appropriate time and attention.

Follow up or acute visits can be conveniently done through a virtual visit.

We care.

Supplement companies we work with 

Lab companies we work with


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