Anti-Racism Statement

“The opposite of racist isn’t ‘not racist.’ It is ‘anti-racist.’ Being an anti-racist requires persistent self-awareness, constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination."  –  Ibram X. Kendi, PhD, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities and the Founding Director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. Racism affects us in every facet of life, especially in education, economic, and criminal justice inequities.  We can do better.

Shaya Precision Health acknowledges that members of our community, our patients, our colleagues and friends experience racism and are harmed by it. We acknowledge that racism can be unconscious or unintentional, and that identifying racism as an issue does not automatically mean those involved in the act are racist or intended the negative impact.  SPH is committed to being actively anti-racist, with a resolve to ensure our behaviors as healers and educators meet these ideals. By very deliberately choosing to be anti-racist, we become actively conscious about race and racism and are compelled to take actions to end racial inequities in our daily lives and the lives of our patients, friends and colleagues.

Did You Know?

"In late 2017, The Hate U Give was banned by school officials in Katy, Texas, where it was challenged for “inappropriate language.” District Superintendent Lance Hindt pulled the book from shelves during the review process in violation of the district’s own review policies, claiming he did so based on its “pervasive vulgarity and racially-insensitive language…not its substantive content or the viewpoint expressed.” The move drew widespread condemnation from free expression advocates, but the actions of a teen in the district helped save the day. Ny’Shira Lundy collected 4,000 signatures on a petition calling for the restoration of the book. The district relented and put it back on shelves, but it wasn’t a total victory. Students are required to get parental permission to check it out."

- excerpt from

Art by Dr. Shaya's daughter Laila Shaya from 2019


The Hate U Give, a film based on the YA novel offering an intimate portrait of race in America

Becoming, a Netflix documentary following Michelle Obama on her book tour

Dear White People, a Netflix series about being black at a predominantly white college

Hidden Figures, a film about the brilliant African American women of NASA

Remember the Titans, story of a newly-integrated football team

These 26 New York Times mini-films for students